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Regarding the Human Race as One

It is our aim as an international organization to achieve our goals whilst upholding the Sikh principles.  Pre 1947, India was a peaceful multi-faith and multicultural society where people of different religious backgrounds cohabited peacefully. The roots of this harmonized society stemmed back to the reign of Maharaja Ranjit  Singh who being a Sikh upheld respect for humanity in line with the doctrine of the Sikh Gurus. During his time there was no discrimination on social or religious grounds. The military forces consisted of personnel from all backgrounds and collectively their aim was to protect India from invasion and oppression.

Since the partition of India there have been many challenges facing the inhabitants of India.   The Northern Frontier land of Panjab was dubbed the Holy Land of Gurus, Seers and Saints. Being the main homeland for Sikhs

it has flourished through the years and has been regarded as the grain store of India.  Sikhs have remained mostly tolerant amidst the injustices and broken promises post 1947.
Sikhs continue to play an integral role within the modern & rapidly changing world and their contribution to the public safety organizations is a testament of their commitment to maintaining peace and harmony.

In India Sikhs are beginning to move forward in a coordinated and professional manner and as a result the International Panthic Dal (IPD) has been born. IPD is committed, in this modern world of international diplomacy, to rendering justice and freedom for Sikhs. As an international organization we do not condone intolerance or disrespect towards any nation or its people. We will position ourselves on a solid platform consisting of a socio-religious and political bias.

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