About us

The International Panthic Dal (I.P.D) is a voluntary organisation set up by Singh Sahib Bhai Jasvir Singh and aligned to Damdami Taksal focusing on: -

Sikhs in India & abroad gaining recognition globally as an independent race and religion

Justice for Sikh victims of violent crimes and human rights violations

Educating both Sikhs and non-Sikhs about the Sikh faith and its humanitarian values

Undertaking selfless service to humanity without prejudice

Providing resources and support for less fortunate Sikhs and their families

The above are categorised into the following broad headings:-

•    Freedom
•    Justice
•    Education (Parchaar)
•    Selfless Service (Seva)
•    Welfare

In order to deliver these programs I.P.D. has adopted a new approach and a youthful vigour in order to expedite the mission that has long alluded the worldwide Sikh community. The involvement of the next generation of professionals has added a much needed strategic and methodical approach so that we can demonstrate elevated diplomatic characteristics needed in this modern world.

I.P.D. is a volunteer run organisation that doesn’t discriminate in terms of age, gender, caste, skin colour and social standing.  The organisation promotes and encourages its members to adopt an honest and open approach towards achieving our ambitions whilst underpinning the activities with Sikh philosophy and principles.

Having established an expanding network of professionals I.P.D can now leverage social, religious and political institutions.

By employing the latest technology we aim to make our efforts more efficient thus achieving results faster.

At I.P.D. we are passionate about our work and we fully appreciate involvement from members of the public at local, national and international level and we encourage not only organisational development but also personal development too. In addition to this we will engage with other Government, N.G.Os and sister Sikh Organisations to achieve success.

Through this unique approach we will be bringing the grass roots Sikh diaspora together in a united manner so that Sikhs will have one collective voice when tackling common issues irrespective of jurisdiction. The collective approach coupled with our footprint in Punjab will yield dividends for the global Sikh community.

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