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International Panthic Dal opens it’s first office in Panjab

Panjab: At a recent meeting held in Jalandhar – Panjab, new offices had been opened in Panjab, Jalandhar, Ranjeet Nagar Road in order to make the necessary preparations to commence legal proceedings to get Sikh Political Prisoners serving life sentences, and more, released from jails across India. All Sikhs are requested to contact International Panthic Dal to help support this effort, and other worthy causes, that will be coordinated from the new office premises.

It was also announced, the District Heads and Faith Leaders of International Panthic Dal passed an agreement to appoint Bhai Gurmukh Singh Ji as Area Head of Punjab. The decision was taken in order to make further advancements in the achievements already made by International Panthic Dal. Amongst the duties Gurmukh Singh Ji will be responsible for is the task to set up a panel in Punjab.

International Panthic Dal will also be meeting with the Prime Minister of India, Mr Narrinder Modi, to discuss the release of Sikh Political Prisoners in Jails across the states of India, outside of Punjab. Amongst others, the political prisoners to be discussed include, Bhai Lal Singh Ji, Bhai Daya Singh Ji, Bhai Gurdeep Singh Ji Khera, Bhai Gurmeet Singh Ji, Bhai Shamsher Singh Ji and Bhai Lakhvinder Singh Ji who are incarcerated in jails across India in states such as, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Karnataka and Bullair Jail. An appeal will also be made for India to bring into effect the Anand Karaj Act.

In recent days International Panthic Dal were successful in getting the political prisoners Professor Davinder Pal Singh Ji Bhullar and Bhai Gurdeep Singh Ji Khera released on parole for 21 days. However, I.P.D remains optimistic in getting these political prisoners released on a permanent basis.

The Head of International Panthic Dal’s Religious Wing, Baba Satnam Singh Ji Walia, was backed by the organisation in issuing a warning to the Punjab Government to get any alcohol selling outlets which are placed along the historical route, Guru Gobind Singh Ji Marag, closed as these establishments were having a very detrimental effect on many of the young disciples and youth travelling on this historical and hallowed route. The Guru Gobind Singh Ji Marag runs from Takhat Sri Keshghar Sahib, Anandpur Sahib to Takhat Sri Damdama Sahib, Talwandi Sabo. The members and attendees warned that if the Government did not give this issue due care and attention then International Panthic Dal, with the support of the Sikh Populous, would forcefully close these outlets and the Government, and the owners of the establishments, would be responsible for any damage caused as a result of their own inaction.

Baba Satnam Singh Ji Walia from Firozpur was recently appointed the head of the Religious Wing for Punjab and Giani Rajpal Singh Ji, the director of the Religious Wing, was assigned the duty of organising Sikhi Parchar (Sikh Teachings and discourses) on a large scale throughout all Punjab.

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