International Panthic Dal (I.P.D)  is focussed on the below programmes which are based on Sikh principals as laid down by our Gurus and spiritual leaders since the birth if Sikhi. These programmes are:

Freedom – to practice Sikhism globally and establish an independent Sikh State

Justice – to obtain justice for the victims of anti-Sikh acts

Parchaar – to promote Sikhism around the globe

Seva – to undertake selfless service of humanity

Welfare – to provide welfare support to Panthic individuals, families and groups

To deliver these programmes I.P.D has employed a new approach and a youthful vigour in order to expedite the mission which has long alluded the Sikh community worldwide. The involvement of the next generation of professionals has added to the strategic and methodical approach needed. This in turn is demonstrating the elevated diplomatic characteristics needed in this modern world whilst enhancing the Sikh communities governing credentials in preparation for true independence.

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