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Turban is our crown

Turban tying competition held in Daulatpura, Moga on 6th June in the memory of Sikh Martyrs. The Principal of International Panthic Dal for the Moga District, Dr Harpreet Singh reminded Sikhs that the number of youngsters who wore turbans had dwindled even though the turban was a blessing from our Gurus and was the crown that maintained our honour and glory. Dr Harpreet Singh said that never had the need been greater than today to turn our young Sikhs back to their heritage, the turban.

He further commented that with this thought in the forefront of our minds we needed to go from village to village to hold turban tying camps and inform the youth of the basic teachings of the Sikh Faith as only then would the Sikh Youth and generations to come embrace their heritage and return to the turban. At the Turban Tying competition organised by Dr Harpreet Singh in Daulatpur all first, second and third place runners up were awarded prizes in addition to all those who attended being awarded honours reviving the enthusiasm for tying the turban. Bhai Charanjeet Singh Anandpur Sahib Wale also attended the event and gave lectures on Gurbani and Sikh History to the delight of sangat in attendance. Mohan Singh Daulatpur and Avtar Singh Manava also played key roles in making this Turban Tying Camp are total success.

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