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Cowardly attack leaves scars and anguish within the hearts of the Sikhs

UK – International Panthic Dal: Sunday 5 August 2012 was a very sad day for the Sikhs throughout the world on hearing about the murder of 6 innocent Sikhs, joining in a weekly worship at the Wisconsin Gurdwara in USA.

Our condolence goes out to the families and the congregation of Wisconsin at this very painful time. This is a very tragic time for the families and friends of the victims of this cold blooded and brutal attack. Again, Sikhs have been the victims in a cowardly attack, leaving scars of pain and anguish within the hearts of Sikhs.

We would like to thank the police for their swift and gallant action against the attacker.

As a nation we can help to raise awareness and educate communities at a local level to break down racial tensions across the world. We urge Sikh establishments to be more vigilant against such attacks and raise security levels within the Gurdwara premises. Numerous attacks have already taken place across the world. We need to become more proactive to prevent future such incidents.

Sikhs may be an ethnic minority within communities across the world, but contributes a large part towards social and economical growth. We need to work towards raising the calibre of Sikhs within the community and to become recognised as a separate and unique religion from other religious groups. Through education and promotion of the Sikh fundamental values at a much earlier stage in the lives of children we can prevent negative and antiracial tension from becoming engrained in the mind-set of people.

In the mean time we await further information from the investigations taking place. Twice daily Sikhs pray for the betterment of all mankind ‘Sarbat Da Bhalla’. We pray God brings peace and the strength to all to become tolerant of each other for social acceptance.

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