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Sardar Bhagat Singh Martyrdom Day remembered by planting trees

In honour of the amazing role the courageous Sardar Bhagat Singh, Rajgur and Sukhdev played in the freedom of India, International Panthic Dal and Heritage Awareness Club organised a special event dedicated especially to the sacrifice of these great martyrs. The event commenced a campaign to create a more pollution free and green environment in recognition of the great sacrifice made by these brave martyrs. Throughout the event enthusiastic youngsters planted 200 fruit, flower and shade giving trees at bus stands, veterinary hospitals, the perimeters of the local Gurdware and other public spaces.

To encourage youngster to look after their environment and plant as many trees as possible throughout the campaign the Lead Director of International Panthic Dal’s religious wing Giani Rajpal Singh Khalsa explained the significance and importance of trees in the lives of human beings. Giani Rajpal Singh Ji said that in the interest of the welfare of mankind the Gurbani of our Gurus, their devotees and Bhagats listed the names many trees to make us aware of interconnectedness of humankind and trees, and that Gurbani was still proving to be as relevant today as it’s always been.

Sarpanch Kuldeep Singh Ji also showed his full support by attending the event to help inspire the youth to serve society as directed by their faith and gave assurance that he would do all that he feasibly could to assist in the campaign.
Present at the event with Giani Rajpal Singh Khalsa and Balkaur Singh Khalsa were Lakhvinder Singh, Manpreet Singh Babbu, Jaspreet Singh Jassi, Dhilpreet Singh, Gursevak Singh, Rupinder Singh, Sohan Singh, Gurvinder Singh, and other members of International Panthic Dal and the Heritage Awareness Club.

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