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Become members of Panthic Dal

Releasing a statement today through the press, former Jathedar of Sri Akaal Takht Sahib, Singh Sahib Bhai Jasvir Singh Khalsa appealed to the UK Sikh Sangat that in order to bring together the Khalsa Panth on a worldwide level the International Panthic Dal (I.P.D) had been established. For this need of unity he urged all Sikhs to become members of this organisation.

Singh Sahib stated that after the 1984 Holocaust and with the help of the UK Sikh Sangat, Singh Sahib established the International Sikh Youth Federation (ISYF).  The ISYF worked towards  addressing all panthic issues diplomatically and created many branches worldwide.  However there then came a time when ISYF was banned in the UK, after which the ISYF’s worldwide network began to decrease. The leadership of the UK ISYF branch moved to create the Sikh Federation UK (SFUK) whose activities remained focused only within the UK.  As a result, the branches of  ISYF outside the UK remained excluded and disconnected.

The effects of this became apparent to many outside the UK who felt the need for re-establishing the network and bringing together of the Khalsa Panth on a worldwide level so that panthic issues could be tackled more effectively via diplomacy. This desire led to approaches being made to Singh Sahib who in response launched the IPD.

The commencement of this organisation took place in the UK, as it was in the UK the establishment of ISYF by Singh Sahib was also initiated during 1984. He stated membership for the IPD has now officially been initiated, and very soon we shall complete the structure of  the organisation.  He wished to stress to the Sikh Sangat that he has no affiliation to any other organisation abroad except that with IPD.  Therefore all his efforts and sewa (selfless service) for the Panth will be done only through IPD and he appealed to all Sikhs to become members of this organisation so that we create unity on an organisational level and build links with the Khalsa Panth internationally.

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