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The Caste System Its Evolution And Challenges

With a global perspective we will review the origins of the system and its arrival into India. That it is the result of several causes which are responsible for its institutionalisation. It is neither solely based on occupational divisions nor on racial factors.

EVENT ON 2 DECEMBER 2012 1.30 pm on Sunday 2nd December 2012
Exhibitions Hall New Building Sri Guru Singh Sabha Hounslow TW3 3UA

Come and learn the incredible truth about the forces that created the social divisions for the benefit of a few.
How it led to slavery by those in power.

It reviews the efforts of the Sikh Gurus’ in unleashing the reform movement to mend the broken and divided
society. It provides a deep insight into the legacy of the system leading to the profound current debates within the Sikh community. How an international look at the practice of caste by Sikhs’ shows brewing tensions and social divisions leading to a consequential extinction of the community.

Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji does not condone the system but instead promotes universal equality of all humanity.
Despite the efforts of our Gurus, Sikh society in the 21st Century is socially divisive and is no exception to the wider Indian community. Therefore, the earnest desire for creating a classless society in a fast globalizing world remain elusive as ever.

Only by understanding history and the present state of affairs can one truly appreciate Guruji’s universal message of Brotherhood of Man and Fatherhood of One God

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